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Dr. Bushra Wahid

About Me

Dr. Bushra Wahid is a respected General Practitioner (GP) at Girven Family Practice, renowned for her extensive experience and profound medical knowledge. With a career dedicated to primary care, she has become a cornerstone of the health community, providing compassionate and comprehensive medical services to families and individuals.

As a specialist in minor skin surgery and medical appearance treatments, Dr. Wahid offers a unique blend of surgical skill and aesthetic insight, ensuring her patients receive the highest quality care for both their clinical and personal well-being. Her proficiency in these areas brings an added dimension to the already robust offerings at Girven Family Practice.

Originally hailing from Pakistan, Dr. Wahid’s journey in medicine was sparked by the rich tradition of healing and community service inherent to her homeland. Her passion for medicine was further nurtured in New Zealand, where she has established her family and professional life. Alongside her husband, she has embraced the vibrant culture of Tauranga, and together, they are raising two beautiful children.

In her private life, Dr. Wahid finds joy and relaxation in the solace of her garden, applying the same care and attention to her plants as she does to her patients. Her love for cooking allows her to explore the flavors of her heritage and the culinary delights of her adopted home, often bringing these experiences to the table with family and friends. Above all, family remains at the heart of her endeavors, inspiring her daily practice and grounding her in the values of connection and care.

For Dr. Bushra Wahid, Tauranga is more than a place of residence – it is a community to nurture, a landscape to cherish, and a home to hold dear.


RoleGeneral Practitioner

  • Minor Surgery
  • Dermoscopy
  • Appearance Medicene
  • Womens Health

Dr Bushra Wahid

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